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Demographics must not determine students’ destinies. Hard work, coupled with a strong educational foundation, will allow all students to excel in high school, graduate from college, and lead in their communities.

Fulfilling our mission and promise is no easy task. It requires a far-reaching commitment of time, energy and financial resources that far surpass the funding we receive from the local and federal government. We depend on individuals like you to make an investment in our program and our students’ futures. 100% of your tax-deductible donation directly impacts the work we do to prepare our students. We use all donations to continue our work to eliminate the achievement gap for all students and ensure that home zip codes and socioeconomic status does not determine our students’ destinies.

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When you invest in our school, you are investing in the future of our students.
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$25 will cover 1 school supplies package for a Leadership Prep Scholar (Total need: 120)

$50 will allow for one online personalized learning license for one scholar for one year.

$100 will provide 1 Year-Round uniform starter pack for a Leadership Prep Scholar (Total need 120)

$150 will cover the cost of one desk and chair.

$350 will allow us to purchase one student Chromebook OR one year of printing for one student.( Total need: 40)

$500 will cover one laptop for a staff member OR one year of classroom and office supplies for a teacher. ( Total need: 40)

$1,000 will cover the cost of a grade level field trip OR gym equipment for one grade’s Character and Fitness class.

$2,500 will cover the cost of one year’s lease for our school copier.

$5,000 will cover the cost of a classroom library OR one year of copies for one grade.

$12,000 will pay for a full year’s education for one student OR the full technology needs for the school for one year.DONATE NOW

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